Online session

Lets your life to be more with spark joy!

 "It is like a having brain spa treatment !!"

Methods for Online Session

☆The main menu is order made session which is combination of four pillars, card reading and akashic reading.

四柱推命☆Four pillars reading

Four pillars reading has such a long history.

Its established in ancient China.It is said chinese emperos used to use for deciding their direction of politics.

Because of it has a high percentage of accurancy it is called "Emperor of divination","Emperor's study".

エネルギー四柱推命:Energy Shichusuimei - Energy four pillars

The school which I have finished is called Energy Shichusuimei.

Four pillars destiny reading was introduced around Edo period.

The Japanese method was developed around this time.

The school method is based on that but has been adapted to suit our modern life style.

With Four pillars destiny reading is not for

×Tell you have good or bad starts

×Tell you your future would be good or bad

Four pillars destiny reading is there for your "self instruction manual".

Oracle card reading

I use a few different oracl cards. They are very positive and kind cards.

By using such as Angel cards and fairy card etc... to read specific message to let you know how to make some actions or some advice from cards to make the situation better.

Usually the card shows exact same message as what I said in the session .

Often the card will wrap up the session as well(like giving you conclusion for the session).

Akashic reading

Reading from Akasha zone. Access to indivial data base in space called Akasha to read your indivual message for your needs.

Distance Moon energy session

Irregular New moon and Full moon distance healing session

Date and Time are usually announced via Instagram or Facebook.

After the session usually includes reading message or card reading message.