Are you ready to spread your wings?

you are the creator of your life

About me


・Bachelor of Education

AcuounctureMoxa National deploma (JPgovernment)

IFPA Aromatherapist(The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists UK


Deep tissumassage(JPIR

Hot stone massageIR)

Pregnancy massage (IR :OBUS school)

Nail professionalJP

 Four pillars destiny reader course

JP Energy four pillars

Four pillars destiny reader teacher course(JP)

Akasha reading course (JP)

Oracle card reading(JP/IR)

Shamanic wisdom course (JP)


At the moment salon booking is only with female clients./Male clients need to be introduced byexisted clients.

Welcome to my page

I am Ayami, a therapist living in Europe. I offer acupuncture and moxibustion aromatherapy treatments based on the Five Elements of the Yin-Yang theory within oriental medicine.

I have studied and now practice the Four Pillar Therapy, which is also based on the concept of Yin-Yang and the Five Elements. I am a certified Four Pillar Assessor. I love working as a therapist applying the Four Pillar principles. It means that I can offer body treatments as well as online sessions.

As a therapist, I have worked with people of 20 different nationalities in 7 different countries (English and Japanese): with those working in government / international organisations / running companies / sole traders / working for major companies (directors, managers), etc.

I very much look forward to meeting and connecting with you!

Is the Four Pillar therapy for you?

Do you feel ready to spread your wings? But you’re unsure how to do that? Then this is for you!

The Four Pillars therapy can help you to better understand yourself through understanding the stars you were born under. It also helps you to better understand others around you.

It enables you to be the creator of your own life.

How does it work?

The Four Pillars is a self-explanatory book. It explains the stars you have. These can change over time as your life enters different seasons. The beautiful thing about the Four Pillars reading is that is helps you to become aware of your stars. It is not fortune-telling. It provides you with knowledge and understanding about your unique stars, with which you can navigate life with more clarity and awareness.

Like the tens of millions of stars in the sky, we have choices and possibilities. The Four Pillars reading provides you with tailored information about those choices and possibilities.

What will you gain?

By choosing from among the many options in the night sky, you can change the present and the future in any number of ways.

Through increased self-understanding during the online sessions, you will be able to see the possibilities.

You will be able to enjoy making your own choices.

You can expand everything and anything you want: From work to family, your partner and friendships.

Examples of what my online sessions can offer you

·       Understanding more about myself to allow me to build better relationships.

·       Understanding the people who are important to me, for example, my partner, children, business partners, and colleagues.

·       To get insights into my Business’s strategic direction.

·       To better understand compatibility with business partners. For example, to know each other's strengths and to run a better business partnership.

·       To select a date for business expansion from a more fortunate date.

·       Consultation on opening dates for your business.

·       Knowing how to deal with team members, create better teamwork, and facilitate better communication.

·       Understanding the type of work that brings out the best in me.

·       Luck (my energy forecast).


English ver. of Ayami's timeline is coming soon

I try to have a session to make the most of my own star

The best way to get to know me, Ayami, is to get to know my stars ☆

Four pillars destiny reading has 4 pillars.

Each pillars will have干支(Kanshi)which has 60 combination of 10 elements and 12 animals. Number 1- 60.

Main core star:丁亥(HINOTOBOW)NO.24

*丁(Hinoto)'s simbole is Moon.

Moon is said to be high with spirituality and intuition.

No.24:丁亥 is in the group of 霊感干支(Reikankanshi)which only 4 out of 60 will be in.

霊感干支 Reikan kanshi

strong with spirituality, it has the power to look ahead

Star for Expand宿命大半会(Shukumei Daihankai

I have moon stars in my 3 pillars out of my 4 pillars.

Top of that the three pillars make expanding relationship to each other which called 宿命大半会(Shukumei Daihankai).

Not everyone has 宿命大半会(shukumei daihankai) , some people might have one or two but it is said to be really rare to have 3 of them.

I would like to use my own star not only for my own expansion but also for the expansion of the people involved, along with the expansion star that is unique to me.

My mission and my wish for you

I believe that everyone is special and everyone who wants to be, can be happy.

I want you to live your life the way you want to live it.

In the current climate, we need women especially, to shine as brightly as they want.

I believe that supporting you to better understand yourself is the best way to achieve this. To help you gain the confidence and clarity you need to believe in yourself outside of the session.

With my unique star of expansion, I use my stars not only for my own expansion, but also for the expansion of those who connect with me.

I am serious about illuminating your unique strengths and what you can do.

I am ready to support all those who are ready to spread their wings!