Are you ready to spread your wings?

you are the creator of your life

About me


・AcuounctureMoxa National deploma (JPgovernment)

IFPA Aromatherapist(The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists UK


Deep tissumassage(JPIR

Hot stone massageIR)

Pregnacy massage (IR :OBUS schooo)

Nail professionalJP

Four pillars destiny reader course

JP Energy four pillars

Akasha reading course (JP)


At the moment salon booking is only with introduced.

About Ayami

My name is Ayami from Japan, living in Denhaag in Neatherlands.

I am an acupuncturist and moxarist

My treatment methods are based on Yin Yang and the five elements from Oriental medicine.

I am also doing online birthday readings ( Asian Astrology) which is also based on Yin Yang and the five elements too.

I look forward to lots of people experiencing my online session!

Are you ready to spread your wings??

We are all the creator of our own life

Often four pillars destiny reading categorized as fortune Telling but

it is not about being correct or incorrect.

It is there for you to help with your understanding of self and

to build better relationships with yourself.

Four pillars destiny reading's are more like a self-instruction guide.

The stars you have :

*can not use as only because you have it,

* do not have to use the stars just because you have them

There are limitless possibilities just like there are stars in the universe.

This moment and the future can be changed in many ways

by your choices.

I do the online sessions with love and wish that the online session will help you to able to understand yourself deeper.

This can help you to decide from the limitless possibilities to make your life happy in your own wished way.

I believe everyone is special and every can be happy if you wish to be.

Happy family/partnership/friendship and family everything you would like to develop, you can.

It is not one or the other, like if you get something you need, you let the other go from your hand,

Why not get all the things you wish to be in your hands and expand more and more with 100% of your power.

I am wishing all girls to shine☆ as much as you wish.

I think supporting clients to face their own beautiful self will help and continue to be big supports outside the session like:

believing in yourself and you can make the best decision for yourself.

I am looking forward to offering support if you are ready to open up your wings!

Session cases

In 7 countries, with over 20 nationalities. (ENG/JP)

Government Agency/International Organization/Business Owner/Self Employment/Company Office Workers(Director・Manager)etc

Example of questions in the session

*Would like to know myself better and build a better relationship with myself

*Understanding better about the important people in my life

*Business direction

*compatibilities with business partner

ex)Knowing stronger points of business partner would help better relationship to make business go more smoothly

*Luckier or more expandable date for business, marriage, new projects

*Opening business date

*knowing team member you manage

ex)help knowing new team member, what they are good at /poor at,

how to make better team

smooth communication

*How to work best, so that it brings out the goodness

*energy flows in year/month: destiny energy flows

*compatibilities with Partner and children

ex)to help in understanding each other

*children's personalities

English ver. of Ayami's timeline is coming soon

I try to have a session to make the most of my own star

It is best way you can get to know me by knowing my stars

Four pillars destiny reading has 4 pillars.

Each pillars will have干支(Kanshi)which has 60 types.

(Combination of 10 elements and 12 animals)

Main core star:丁亥(HINOTOBOW)NO.

*丁(Hinoto)'s simbole is Moon.

Moon is said to be high with spirituality and intuition.

There are 60 kinds of combination of stars.

丁亥is in the group of 霊感干支(Reikankanshi)which only 4 out of 60 will be in.

霊感干支 Reikan kanshi

strong with spirituality, it has the power to look ahead

Star for Expand宿命大半会(Shukumei Daihankai

I have moon stars in my 3 pillars out of my four pillars.

Top of that the 3 pillars make expanding relationship to each other.

Not everyone has 宿命大半会(shukumei daihankai) some people might have one or two but it is said to be really rare to have 3.

I would like to use my own star not only for my own expansion but also for the expansion of the people involved, along with the expansion star that is unique to me.